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SWMS release note highlights: ESG reports for sustainability and carbon foot print

Now you can generate MiFID II and ESG reports by a single click to all your clients.

The development team has been diligently working on updates as usual. The team has made major releases to the following modules: Sharpfin Core, Reporting & Risk Management, and Client Relations.

Number of major releases: 4

Sustainability Reporting

    • We have developed an interface to Datia, a Swedish provider of sustainability reports so that you generate MiFID II and ESG reports regarding sustainability and carbon foot print by a single click to all your clients.

    • In addition you can utilise Datias terminal to classify your holdings in terms of Sustainability and have this classification constantly updated in Sharpfin. By utilising our Risk Manager module you can make sure that your clients sustainability are always in line with their preferences, the way that the regulator has intended.

      Contact us if you want to profit from this functionality.

      Affected modules: Reporting & Risk Management

    Easier client onboarding using Roaring

    • When creating a new client you now have the possibility to start by entering the personal number of the client. Address and Name data is then automatically sourced.

      Affected module: Client Relations

    Global and Private view handling in Wealth Management

    • Up until now all the views created in Wealth Management was seen by everyone. This could lead to quite a confusing view setup for large organisatons. With our latest development you can now setup global views visible to all users but every user can also set up private views for themselves which is not visible to others.

    • If you have access to more than one customer instance, the views can also be shared among instances.

      Affected module: Sharpfin Core

    Excel Reports enhancements

    • We have added a couple of new Excel exports in the system, for example a report that shows the realised P&L during a period.

      Affected module: Reporting

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