The story

Sharpfin was founded by Markus Alin and Billy Svensson, two talented engineers with a passion for innovation and tech.

Sharpfin emerged in 2005 during Markus Alin's tenure in wealth management in Switzerland. Motivated by dissatisfaction with existing systems, he aspired to create the most user-friendly wealth management software.

Established in 2015, Sharpfin is the realisation of this aspiration. A wealth management platform with an intuitive interface, scalable code base, and exceptional customer satisfaction. Our ambition is to revolutionise wealth management by leveraging modern technology and emphasising the personal connection between clients and their trusted wealth managers.

The name Sharpfin emerged from playing with the words Sharp and Finance. Once we put them together the resemblance of the words shark fin was obvious and our icon, hence, depicts an artistic representation of a shark fin and a wave.  One thing that does make perfect sense is that the name sharp is also a tribute to William F. Sharpe himself. Mr. Sharpe, a Nobel Prize winner in Economics, is renowned for his groundbreaking work on the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM). Just like Mr. Sharpe, we also value the concept of risk adjusted performance, the so called Sharpe Ratio and we offer that and many other risk measures through our efficient portfolio management system.