Meet the team

Markus Alin

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sofia Nordin

Chief Operating Officer

Andreas Ullsten

Chief Revenue Officer

Simon Lindblom

Chief Technical Officer


Niklas Huhtala

Software Engineer

Emil Nilsson

Software Engineer

Nikola Vulicevic

Software Engineer

Linnea Pihl Sandberg

Sales and Marketing

Helena Nabseth

Chief Marketing Officer

The Sharpfin culture:

Sharpfin prides itself on a culture that accentuates people, tech, and questioning everything!

A principal benefit of joining Sharpfin is our commitment to always questioning how and why we progress with things. We encourage each other to remain inquisitive, thereby fostering innovative solutions and maintaining high customer satisfaction in all our endeavours.

We acknowledge the significance of a balanced work-life. Understanding that this is personal, we tailor a plan for each employee to align with your expectations. Whether it involves starting the day at the gym, indulging in reflective moments over numerous coffees, or working remotely for a day each week, we strive to accommodate your needs within a competitive employment package.

At Sharpfin, we prioritise physical well-being, believing it to be a catalyst for creativity. We provide weekly private training sessions. Every member of Sharpfin is essential, contributing to an environment that not only aims for the collective goals but also fosters personal growth.

Our annual fintech event cements our position in the industry, fostering connections and growth. It is a prestigious gathering, esteemed by our team, clients, partners, and investors alike. The valuable insights gained there serve as a central focus for the year ahead. 

Sharpfin Team

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