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SWMS release note highlights: Track your preferred fixed income and equity indices based on your client's unique weightage

Client reports now include benchmarks, empowering you to track your preferred fixed income and equity indices based on your client's unique weightage.

We are excited to introduce a range of enhancements and innovative new features that will greatly enhance your reporting experience on our platform.

Number of major releases: 4

These updates are specifically aimed at the Reporting module and have been carefully crafted to elevate your user experience and equip you with a comprehensive suite of reporting tools. We firmly believe that these advancements will empower you to deliver even more value to your clients and stakeholders.

Cash matrix report:

Now, you can gain deeper insights into your currency exposure across your classification structure right within Excel. This enhancement allows you to determine the total currency exposure for a specific client effortlessly. Simply navigate to "Reporting" -> "Excel Reports" to access this feature.

Affected module: Reporting 

Performance graph enhancement in Client and Portfolio Reporting:

Our white-labeled client and portfolio reports have received a boost with two new features:

• Possibility to extend the performance graph from Year-to-date or running 12 month regardless of the reporting period. This is great if you have a monthly periodic reporting but want to show portfolio performance for a longer period than that towards your clients.

• Client report is now featuring benchmarks. If you for example have a client with 30% fixed income holdings in one portfolio and 70% equities in another you can add a combination index in Sharpfin on the client level which tracks your favourite fixed income and equities indices by 30/70% weight.

Affected module: Reporting 

KYC report:

Excel reports have become even more insightful with the introduction of the KYC Report. This report provides a comprehensive view of the KYC status across different nodes (e.g., AML/PEP, Addresses, etc.) for all clients. It simplifies the process of identifying clients that require more attention regarding their know-your-customer status.

Affected module: Reporting 

Excel reports formatting:

We've taken the hassle out of report formatting by introducing pre-formatted Excel reports. These reports come with features like "freeze panes," bold headers, colors, and more. Say goodbye to manual formatting and save valuable time when working with your reports.

Affected module: Reporting 


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