All-in-One Fund Distribution Platform

Designed for scalability, efficiency and compliance. Delivers unparalleled benefits for you and your clients:

Real-time data: Instantly access the latest data to make informed decisions.
Comprehensive investor insights: Gain deep insights into investor behaviour and trends.
Automated regulatory reporting: Effortlessly meet compliance standards with automated reporting features.


All-in-One Fund Distribution Platform
Why Choose Sharpfin's Fund Distribution Platform? 

Sharpfin, in partnership with Fondo, delivers a comprehensive and fully digital solution for fund distribution. Leveraging modern technology, we provide a scalable and secure infrastructure free from technical legacy.

All-in-one solution:

Manage end-client interactions seamlessly with a branded client portal and customisable interfaces.

Real-time data access:

Stay informed with real-time portfolio updates and comprehensive investor insights.


Weekly updates:

Regular updates to stay current with regulatory changes and future needs.

Modular pay-as-you-grow model:

Scale efficiently with a flexible pricing structure.

Fund custody and execution:

Secure and efficient order execution and payments through Allfunds, with access to Swedish tax wrappers.

Easy onboarding:

Simplified onboarding process, including digital power of attorney setup.

Commission-free pricing:

A more transparent pricing model towards end-clients.

Comprehensive Features of Our Fund Distribution Platform:

Integrated Solutions from Sharpfin and Fondo

Sharpfin and Fondo combine their strengths to offer the most intuitive fund distribution platform. This partnership enhances your ability to directly target investors, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process.
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Implementation Process

The platform requires no integration and can be operational within a week, ensuring a seamless transition and immediate benefits. 

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  • Functional fit
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  • Reference call 
  • Terms and conditions
  • Agreements

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Use Case

Evli selects Sharpfin x Fondo solution

We are pleased to announce that Evli selects Sharpfin as partner for its wealth management software, as Evli expands its investment operations in the Swedish market.

With Sharpfin's solution, Evli will enhance its wealth management processes through easy onboarding, secure payment processing, real-time data and order access, automated regulatory reporting, and efficient back-office management.

Proud to welcome Evli as customer

Frequently asked questions:

What makes Sharpfin different from other fund distribution platforms?

Sharpfin, in partnership with Fondo, offers a unique combination of scalability, security, real-time data access, comprehensive investor insights, and automated regulatory reporting, ensuring an efficient and compliant fund distribution process.

How does Sharpfin x Fondo handle ISK?

Fondo manages ISK as part of its offering. Sharpfin acquires this tax framework through the Fondo collaboration, including all reporting, tax deductions, and calculations.

How does Sharpfin x Fondo handle custody for companies (KF)?

Futur insures Fondo's depositories. 

How does Sharpfin x Fondo handle client knowledge?

Fondo manages all client knowledge for “Execution Only.” If advisory services or discretionary portfolio management are conducted on the Fondo depositories, these KYC processes are handled via Sharpfin.

Can I enable customers to do KYC themselves?

Yes, customers do this through Fondo and you can also enable this feature through Customer Portal, in Sharpfin. 

Can I let customers place orders themselves?


How does Sharpfin ensure compliance with regulatory standards?

Our platform includes automated regulatory reporting features to help meet all compliance requirements with minimal effort.

Can Sharpfin integrate with our existing systems?

Yes, our platform is designed for seamless integration with your existing systems, ensuring minimal disruption.