Wealth Manager

Wealth Manager provides you a state-of-the-art solution to handle your clients wealth; both discretionary and advisory, including:

  • Portfolio management views of your clients' holdings with the possibility to aggregate multiple portfolios into various consolidated views.
  • Order management which connects to proprietary trading systems (e.g. Infront Finance) or via FIX
  • Management of model portfolios and portfolio rebalancing to fully cover your discretionary wealth management


Advisory can fully digitize your advisory and customer onboarding processes including:

  • Standard procedures to document your information regarding your clients according to MiFID II or IDD regulations
  • Manage and evolve your client documentation directly in Sharpfin
  • Send documentation securely and electronically for digital signatures directly to your clients

Risk Manager

Risk Manager ensures that your clients are in line with the agreed risk by using our features for:

  • Real time risk monitoring of your clients' holdings, using the flexible compliance rules engine
  • Real time calculation of the most common risk measures, such as VaR, and other risk reports according required by your FSA
  • Pre and post trade risk calculations

Wealth Administrator

Wealth Administrator cuts cost and increases quality in your administration by utilising user friendly functionality for

  • Calculating management fees for your client portfolios according to various fee structures
  • Providing you an assessment of remaining liquidity on your client depots to make sure that there is room for deducting the fees
  • Extracting invoicing lists by the click of a button which can be sent to your bank for deduction of fees


With Sharpfin Reporting you can create white labled client reporting in your own corporate identity with possibilities to

  • Choose between a report on the depot level or consolidated throughout all your clients holdings
  • Add indexes and benchmarks to compare your client’s performance
  • Dynamically configure the report to include content relevant to different client needs

Customer Portal

Our Customer Portal is your branded window of communication with your clients through our system. It features

  • Secure client login with for example Swedish Bank ID or equivalents for foreign users
  • Unique possibility for the clients to see holdings from many depot banks consolidated which the banks themselves can not offer
  • A way to communicate with your clients in a GDPR-compliant way by posting relevant customer documentation in the portal

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