Sharpfin Wealth Manager


Sharpfin Wealth Manager features our easy-to-use order and portfolio manager:

  • Portfolio management views of your clients' holdings and possibility to aggregate many portfolios into consolidated views

  • Order manager connected to proprietary trading systems (e.g. Infront Finance) or arbitrary via FIX

  • Shareholders register for fund managers

Sharpfin Advisory

Utilise Sharpfin Advisory to:

  • Make your advisory process fully MiFID II or IDD compliant and digital

  • Enable your clients to login and see their holdings and performance using our customer portal

  • Structure your client acquisition and KYC/AML processes


Sharpfin Risk Manager


With Sharpfin Risk Manager you can control your investment restrictions by using

  • Our flexible language to create investment restrictions for basically any data kept in the system

  • Real time risk monitoring of your clients' holdings, using our flexible compliance rules engine

  • Real time calculation of the most common risk measures such as VaR and any risk reports according to your FSA's requirements

Sharpfin Wealth Administrator

Sharpfin Wealth Administrator cuts cost and increases quality in your administration by utilising user friendly functionality for:

  • Fund accounting and NAV-calculations

  • Self learning algorithm to map your securities transactions to your book keeping

  • Flexible engine to calculate management fees both for funds and client portfolios


Sharpfin Reference Data


This module is the very heart of the Sharpfin application, the keystone for its other modules. The Sharpfin Reference Data module features:

  • An instrument register with MiFID II-compliant data, i.e. Target Market and Cost & Charges

  • A flexible way of structure your clients' holdings to be able to aggregate holdings on any level

  • Market data manager featuring instrument prices, FX-rates as well as trading specific data