Improving business performance by automating KYC and AML processes

We interviewed Per Martín, CRO of Roaring, about the new partnership with Sharpfin and how it improves business performance by automating KYC and AML processes.

The new partnership between Roaring and Sharpfin will deliver high quality data and new innovating solutions.

We got the opportunity to speak with Per Martín, CRO at Roaring, about his work and how the new partnership will deliver new opportunities to our customers.

Tell me about your role at Roaring and the best thing with working for such a fast paced tech company?

As the CRO at Roaring, I am responsible for our revenue budget, which includes making sure that our customer support and sales department is working in the best possible way. We have a strong focus on making sure that our customers get lightning-fast support and a smooth interaction with our employees.

The best thing about working at Roaring is all the great employees. Everyone is constantly trying to find new solutions to everything from tricky technical challenges to working more efficiently in support and sales.

Brief introduction to Roaring in your own words. What sets Roaring apart in the market, in providing awesome customer experiences and improving business performance by digitising, automating and personalising KYC and AML processes?

Roaring offers person, company and AML information in the same technical way regardless of market. A customer can find us on Google and accept our terms and conditions, and seconds later have access to our API platform or Roaring Web and get started with our services. Our customers can easily retrieve information via our API platform and digitise various manual processes with built-in controls of persons, companies and to comply with the AML regulation.


What are you most excited about concerning the collaboration between Sharpfin and Roaring? 

Roaring only wants to work with the best in the market and we are very excited about the collaboration with Sharpfin and all the opportunities that Sharpfin delivers to its customers that we will be a part of.

Can you explain for any tech interested person how the API integration of Roaring works? 

All our API's are REST HTTP services. In order to use them you authenticate using your credentials against a token service in order to get an access-token that you use to call all our other API's.

As a developer you can navigate to our developer pages at: roaring and find everything you need. It contains guides on how to get started and detailed documentation on all our services. In order to quickly start experimenting with the services we have created a sandbox environment and also provide a Postman Workspace for all services. For easy development we also provide OpenAPI (Swagger) specifications through the developer portal.

What can Sharpfin's customers expect when we now have Roaring as a trusted partner to help streamline and monitor AML-processes through your APIs?

Sharpfin's customers can expect a supplier that always delivers on time with high quality data. In addition, Sharpfin's customers will also get access to new innovative solutions from Roaring.



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