Strand Kapitalförvaltning selects Sharpfin for a full coverage wealth management solution

24 May, 2023

Sharpfin continues to gain market shares by delivering their Wealth Management Suite to Strand Kapitalförvaltning (Strand), a leading Swedish independent Wealth Manager.

Sharpfin provides Strand Kapitalförvaltning with a solution to support all aspects of their wealth management process. This includes an efficient module for client onboarding with automatic monitoring of PEP and AML and a powerful portfolio and order management solution with model portfolios and rebalancing. In addition to this, the solution also features a fee management module which calculates management fees down to daily frequency as well as a risk management module featuring pre- and post -trade compliance. The customer communication is supported through an built-in client portal, branded in the Strand corporate identity.

“For us, the Strand integration project was a huge success. Not only did we successfully integrate years of transaction history. We also replaced one of the tier one portfolio management systems in the world with an increased level of functionality for our client.” - Markus Alin, CEO Sharpfin.

Strand Kapitalförvaltning now has a solution in place that can offer the opportunities of digitalization and complies with the constantly changing market regulations, efficiently reducing administration time that their wealth managers can spend giving better services to clients.

“As Strand evaluated available solutions that could meet our business requirements, it became clear that Sharpfin provided the Wealth Management solution of choice.” - Marie Anckarman, CEO Strand Kapitalförvaltning. “For us, investing in technology means that we can continue to provide top level service to our clients; now and in the future.”

For further information:

Markus Alin
CEO Sharpfin
+46 70 840 41 00
Marie Anckarman
CEO Strand Kapitalförvaltning

About Sharpfin

Sharpfin is a leading provider of cloud-based solutions that empowers wealth managers with minimized administration, increased customer satisfaction which leads to more time spent with their clients and ensures simplified regulatory compliance. Sharpfin delivers their solution to a growing number of customers such as Nordnet, Consensus Asset Management and Finserve. Sharpfin's strength is to better understand its customers' requirements and, through powerful technology, translate customer requirements and new regulations into new functionality., linkedin

About Strand Kapitalförvaltning

Founded in 2004 Strand Kapitalförvaltning offer both discretionary portfolio management as well as their own funds. Their current focus is on the Swedish market. Strand Kapitalförvaltning wealth management philosophy is to offer a risk-controlled wealth management where investment decisions are made based on analysis, and not on following indices. Strand Kapitalförvaltning is regulated and under supervision of Finansinspektionen and covered by the government’s deposit guarantee and investor protection.

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