Sharpfin joins VenturePort

As of yesterday, Sharpfin is officially on VenturePort, the collaborative network platform for companies and selected investors hosted by Katalysen & Partners.

Our history with Katalysen goes back to 2015, and a meeting between the company CEOs Peter Almberg and Markus Alin. Ever since that moment, Katalysen has been an extremely valuable partner to Sharpfin for business development and financing.

“We are massively proud to call Sharpfin a partner, and to announce that Sharpfin has now joined VenturePort as the platform's third company member.”, says Peter Almberg, CEO of Katalysen.

The partnership was officially formalized a few months ago, and Sharpfin is now a full partner in Katalysen’s network. This, in turn, has enabled the unique opportunity to be present on VenturePort as one of the platform’s first partner companies.

"VenturePort is a great collaborative networking tool for sharing information between companies and selected investors, and automatically integrates with our shareholder register, enabling our investors to see their share in our company at any given time." , says Markus Alin CEO of Sharpfin.

With this presence on VenturePort established, Sharpfin is now continuing the financing round, which was paused at the end of 2019, with the ambition to raise another 4 Million SEK before the summer.

“We stand strong even in the current situation and the number of leads generated has actually increased in the last couple of weeks, while income has stayed intact.", says Markus Alin. “We obviously know that the investment climate is not what is was three months ago and have therefore decided to spice the investment offer with something extra.”, concludes Markus.

For an invite to VenturePort and the possibility to see our investment offer, please contact Sharpfin CEO Markus Alin at

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