Scrive - Closing the gap in advisory

With Nordnet and Privatconsult, we have turned our Advisory concept into a new standard module and it turned out better than our expectations. The customers love the fact that they can create and maintain various advisory forms themselves and turn this into a personalized report in their own corporate profile.

To have this process digitized and searchable will be necessary for all advisory firms over the next couple of years and we expect a lot of business from this module. To close the cycle of this process without any paperwork you would need an electronic signature on the documents we produce, but this functionality has been lacking  …. Up until now, it is! We just recently signed a contract with Scrive ( who provides both electronic signatures for our clients and enhances our system capabilities with eID (e.g. Bank-ID in Sweden).

The partnership with Scrive strenghtens our position as vendor for digital advisory tools and enables a lot of new potential business.