Katalysen strengthens collaboration with Fintech scale-up Sharpfin

Sharpfin AB – a Stockholm-based fintech company that develops state-of-the-art advisory support and portfolio management systems - teams up with venture partner Katalysen & Partners for a 5.25 Million SEK capital raise. Sharpfin was very successful in the last two years acquiring customers such as Nordnet and Privatconsult GmBH where the latter forms an important milestone of delivery to the huge German speaking European market.

-“Our cooperation with Katalysen & Partners goes a couple of years back and with their network of wealth managers and investors they have already contributed largely to our success”, says Markus Alin, CEO of Sharpfin.

Sharpfin is in the process of raising 5.25 million SEK until the end of November, mostly from existing investors but also a selection of strategic new ones. To speed up the process and to find the right persons Sharpfin is now officially partnering with Katalysen.

-“We have been working very closely with Sharpfin over the last couple of years. My partner, Heiner Weber is a board member of theirs since 2017.”, says Peter Almberg, CEO of Katalysen. Peter concludes: “We are deeply impressed with the team as such and their performance in building a solid solution provider for Wealth Managers globally.”

Sharpfin is already present in the Swedish and Austrian markets with the first pending deals in Switzerland coming up. Both Katalysen and Sharpfin has a strong position in Switzerland. Katalysen with the Geneva based partner, Heiner Weber and Sharpfin with the CEO, Markus who spent 9 years in the Zürich finance industry.

-“Katalysen and Sharpfin is a perfect match!”, concludes Markus Alin. “We like to do business the same way. We both have a strong focus on Sweden and Switzerland and, last but not least, we share the same regarding transparency and adding value to our partners and clients.”

Contact @ Sharpfin Markus Alin, CEO, +46-70-840 41 00 E-mail: markus@sharpfin.com Visit us at: www.sharpfin.com

Contact @ Katalysen Peter Almberg, CEO, +46-70–860 37 00 E-mail: pa@katalysen.se Visit us at: www.katalysen.com