Lisa Kruse, founder of Holy Comms: “Most people in the financial industry can be a little more irreverent when it comes to choosing channels"

22 September, 2022

After the pandemic turned everything upside down and Russia's invasion of Ukraine, we are in a delicate economic situation. In recent months, inflation has risen sharply and there is great uncertainty about the future. In regard to this, how should one think when it comes to marketing and communication in the financial world?

Lisa Kruse is the founder of the communications agency Holy Comms, which works together with several financial companies and services. She believes that people should go full speed ahead through the crisis.

  • If you are in a crisis, it has been shown that the best thing is to continue investing in your marketing. It's possible implement strategies that are deliberately cost-effective, and just like when it comes to investments, it's about not going completely silent when things go badly and coming back with a big bang later. It is better to communicate at a low intensity and remain consistent all the time, says Lisa Kruse.

2019 Lisa founded Holy Comms, a communications agency that stands out with its "marketing-as-a-service" concept, directly inspired by the tech world. Today, they have 33 employees and offer a range of smart communication services.

  • With the world looking like it does now, many people worry about what to consider when marketing their business, especially within the finance industry. In my experience after working with various companies in this industry that there is a lot, you can do. There is an effect to be had without having to spend too much money on it, says Lisa.

Something she believes is unique within the financial industry, in particular, is that most companies already work smart with their communication, often without thinking about it.

  • If there is something the financial industry has always been good at, it's their communication when meeting with customers, regardless of whether you are a classic advisor or more of the new school. Most people already have an inherent knowledge of how to express themselves in order to convey security and trust, says Lisa.

It is precisely this knowledge that she believes can be converted to become part of the marketing strategy. Creating content for all channels that are based on the knowledge the company already possesses is cheap and very effective. It's about being the expert in the room and showing potential customers that you know what you are talking about and can be trusted.

On the flip side, one aspect the financial industry has historically been worse at when it comes to marketing is, according to Lisa, being brave and daring.

  • Today there are thousands of ways to communicate and I believe that most people in this industry can and should be a little more disrespectful when it comes to channel selection. Dare to try different channels to reach out!

First of all, it is about determining who is the recipient of the communication - and then choosing which channel best reaches that type of recipient, or "persona" in marketing parlance.

  • You can look at the different channels as delivery options: some dont work for your needs, others cost more. It's really just about choice of route on a map to best reach the target group. Many people need to be a little more irreverent in their channel choices and not put too much value in whether one's brand really belongs on Instagram, Youtube or TikTok. If the goal is to get there, it doesn't matter.

The fact that many people are now in a situation where they scale back the marketing budget for the autumn is not a completely negative thing according to Lisa Kruse. On the contrary, there can be advantages in refining the strategy.

  • Sometimes its good to be forced to boil down a strategy to only what gives the best results. Many people build a large machinery around their marketing without having a clue of which parts actually make a difference. When you start removing parts, you quickly see which activities are vital and which are not noticeable if they disappear.

Avoiding the brake pedal and instead accelerating, but accelerating on the right things – according to Lisa Kruse, that is the key to succeeding with your marketing in these more uncertain times.

Lisa Kruse's five best tips for how to succeed with your marketing in autumn 2022

  1. Partner with another company that has the same target group as you without being direct competitors and start exchanging services. Write blog posts for each other's newsletters, push for a joint offer on LinkedIn and invite to a joint breakfast seminar. It makes it more cost-effective to reach more people!
  2. Review the marketing strategy and think about which parts of the machinery really work - and which you can iron out. Instead of having a Twitter account just for the sake of it, you should ask yourself if you really have the time and budget to maintain the channel, and if it brings in enough. If not, delete it and instead focus more on the channels and activities that actually work.
  3. Choose channels where your target group is, regardless of your prejudices about where your brand fits in. The preferences of the target audience should always be what drives all decisions in the marketing plan – they will not move to get part of your content.
  4. Capture the momentum. We are still in many ways affected by the pandemic and mixing physical and digital activities has lately become the norm. It also saves on the budget and is a good way to reach the target group who do not have the opportunity to attend physical events or meetings.
  5. Be the expert in the room. Take advantage of the enormous knowledge collectivly possess and transform it into content. Blog posts, explainer films, seminars - only imagination limits how you can convey security and trust with the means you already have.

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